About Ennology

Ennology entails an unique technical and business concept for energy storage in a smart and innovative way to stimulate renewable energy generation. The concept is designed to enable affordable, independent and decentralized storage of energy for the increasing sustainable energy sources, whereby the end user is in a central position. Furthermore, the concept integrates the missing hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles (FCV/FCEV) in a smart way with the electrical energy supply. The use of hydrogen fuel will be cheaper than the conventional fuels. At home it will be possible to refuel the vehicle in 3-5 minutes and the concept is also suitable for houses without parking/driveway.


Generation of electricity from renewable energy sources both centralized and decentralized will increase and zero-emissions vehicles become the standard improving our world’s sustainability.


Providing our customers with innovative, affordable, easy-to-use equipment and services in order to stimulate renewable energy generation and to enable refueling of fuel cell vehicles at home.


Global provider of energy demand/supply flexibility through decentralized energy storage and integrate the missing hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles into our sustainable electricity network.

Meet our Team

The team behind Ennology (a joint initiative between Vermaas Innovations en Weterings Innovations) shares their passion for new products, services and business models to contribute to a sustainable future.
Randolf Weterings
D. Vermaas

Business Development

The goal of our development is to create a Safe, Reliable, Affordable and Sustainable solution to support the all electric-hydrogen economy.

A flexible energy infrastructure by making use of sustainable mobility is coming soon!

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